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Barbarian Days


A staff writer at "The New Yorker" since 1987, author, William Finnegan just received the Pulitzer Prize for his autobiography, "Barbarian Days." We have signed paperback copies available.
Price: $20.00

Behold, What Is Greater Than Thyself


For everyone that finds Baja hell on earth, someone else considers it the worldís last paradise. For surfers itís a great place to find lonely and perfect waves. For sinners itís a good place to become a s¨aint. For saints, itís a convenient place to become a sinner. While the unlucky can lose their wallets, their health and their sanity in 24 hours or less, the chosen ones part only with things not worth keeping. Baja is a bad place for some, a good place for others and the only place for a young surfer in big trouble. This is a signed copy by Chris.
Price: $17.00

Bing Surfboards


by Paul Holmes. This is the story of Bing Copeland, the business he built, the colorful cast of craftsmen he employed and the visionary surfboards they made and continue to make even now in the 100% handcrafted tradition right here in Southern California. A limited supply of books signed by Bing.
Price: $55.00

Search For The Perfect Wave, signed copy


Over 200 pages packed with never-before-seen photos along with the classics, plus new stories, personal notes and details covering Kevin Naughton and Craig Petersonís surf-travel-misadventures. We have signed copies available while supplies last.
Price: $70.00

Waterman: The Life and Times of Duke Kahanamoku


Waterman is a comprehensive biography of Duke Kahanamoku (1890Ė1968): swimmer, surfer, Olympic gold medalist, Hawaiian icon, waterman. In "Waterman," award-winning journalist David Davis examines the remarkable life of Duke Kahanamoku, in and out of the water.
Price: $30.00

Ogden: The Visionary Art of Bill Ogden


There is an amazing diversity of artistic style and creativity to be found in the body of work by Southern Californian Bill Ogden. While Ogden is best known perhaps for his surf-related cartoons of the early 60s, his psychedelic posters from the later part of the decade and his tropical fantasies of the 70s, his fine art oil paintings of seascapes, desert scenes and mountain wilderness are simply stunning.
Price: $60.00

Wolfgang Bloch, the Colors of Coincidence


Wolfgang Bloch sees waves everywherein the ocean, in the grain of wood, in the core of a surfboard that he has sawed in two. Using all of these different media, Bloch creates simple, evocative paintings that transform ocean waves into otherworldly compositions of color and shape. His work captivates surfers around the world, and this first ever monograph of Bloch's work designed by luminary David Carson features his best pieces, alongside a soulful account of the artist's life.
Price: $40.00


The story of how Larry Gordon and Floyd Smith started making surfboards in a garage in 1959 and how that business went on to influence the Southern California surf industry. Hardbound Cover.
Price: $60.00

Tom Blake Scrapbook


This is the holy grail of photos, clippings and cards with handwritten comments by the pioneer surfer himself. The scrapbook was almost lost: caught in a flood, cut up with a razor blade or scalpel, it was in terrible shape until we brought it back to almost mint condition with the help of Art Brewer Photography.
Price: $150.00

Oral History Field Guide


Written by surf historian and writer Craig Lockwood, with additional assistance from Professor Charles Myers and our Oral History Committee, this guide provides the outline and techniques for conducting professional in the field interviews. Perfect for surf clubs, surfing associations and individuals who desire to conduct effective interviews accurately and professionally.
Price: $11.00

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