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Pioneer Series Volume 3 - Ron Church Boxed edition


Pioneer Series Volume 3 - Ron Church Boxed edition (Boxed numbered and in a slip case) In the early 1960s, Ron Church turned his experienced eye to surfing. With a background in both aquanaut and ’50s flight-test photography, with La Jolla, California roots, Church became captivated with the sport just as it was beginning to morph from a sleepy, evocative pastime into a full-on commercialized lifestyle. From ’60 –’65, Church recorded its last bits of innocence beginning in California, moving to Oahu’s big-wave fields, and then back to California. Acclaimed graphic designer/publisher Tom Adler creates small-run collectable art books featuring surf photography (i.e., Don James: San Onofre to Point Dume, 1936-1941, Dora Lives, and Surfing Photographs From The Seventies Taken By Jeff Divine). Adler utilizes his own distinctive eye to select and combine offbeat, subtle images that end up making magic on the pages. This, his second book from the files of Ron Church (following SURF CONTEST, published early 2006) is an exploratory joint effort between The Journal and T. Adler Books.
Price: $75.00

The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Surfboards & Collectibles


The only book of its kind, The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Surfboards & Collectibles is like an encyclopedia of surf collectibles, chock-full of antique & vintage surfboards and surfing memorabilia.
Price: $129.00

Zen and the Art of Surfing


by Greg Gutierrez. Short stories reflecting on the value of life, and the richness surfing brings to its daily appreciation.

"I personally love the energy and purity of Greg's writing, and how it transmits to his relationship with wave riding."
--Steve Pezman

Price: $14.96

200 Years Of Surfing Literature


Covering surfing literature from Captain Cook (1779) to the latest books on surfing (2004), with an introduction by Steve Pezman, it also contains a listing of early descriptions of surfing, including the more important surfing articles. This book lists over 600 books and magazines with over 100 pictures of book and magazine cover art and illustrations. A must have reference guide for the serious collector.
Price: $22.00

30 Years of Flame


SURFING Magazine's 30 Years Of Flame More than three decades of the finest surf photography in the world. That's the simplest take on the work of Larry "Flame" Moore. As the longtime Photo Editor of Surfing Magazine, he was responsible for setting standards for some of the greatest names in surf imagery: as a photographer, he was relentless in pursuing the ultimate shot. Here for the first and only time is a full collection of Flame's classic images, tracking surf Photography's cutting edge from the early '70's to 2004, from California beachbreaks to Cortes Bank.
Price: $82.00

Greg Noll: The Art of the Surfboard


***SOLD-OUT***SOLD-OUT*** by Drew Kampion. The many facets of Noll's contribution to surfing are documented here, including riding big waves, "How to Build a Surfboard", and the history and evolution of surfing and surfboard design.
Price: $33.00
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All For A Few Perfect Waves


**SOLD OUT**For twenty years, Miki "Da Cat" Dora was the king of Malibu surfers—a dashing, enigmatic rebel who dominated the waves, ruled his peers' imaginations, and who still inspires the fantasies of wannabes to this day. This is the hardcover version, written by David Rensin.
Price: $25.95
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