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Chapters Surf Movie


Chapters Surf Movie is a collection of stories told by a world class group of surfers. The cast of eight was selected to balance and bridge the gap between loggers and high performance longboarders. Six world titles and numerous other accolades all come together in one movie. With backdrops including Australia, California, and Hawaii, Chapters visits world class surf breaks and is set to an electric soundtrack. A must see movie for any longboarding enthusiast.
Price: $20.00

The Heart and The Sea


The Heart & The Sea surf DVD by Freefilms is the third release from independent Australian filmmaker Nathan Oldfield, the creator of the highly regarded left of center surf films Lines From a Poem and Seaworthy.
Price: $25.00

A Deeper Shade of Blue


A Deeper Shade of Blue is the award-winning new film from legendary surfing film maker Jack McCoy, the man behind cult titles such as Occy the Occumentary and Blue Horizon, and one of the most respected filmmakers in the industry.
Price: $25.00

Travels With Dick Metz DVD


Come and sail away on a historical worldwide journey down memory lane courtesy of Surfing Heritage and Culture Center Founder, Dick Metz. This travelogue, shot during an informal evening event at the SHACC, covers Metzs adventures while traveling around the world during the early 1960s. Click the title above for more info.
Price: $12.00

Bustin' Down the Door DVD


Winner, Best Picture and Best Documentary, 2008 Surfer Magazine Poll. Original action footage from the 1975 contest season on the North Shore, plus interviews and first hand narration take you back to the dawn of modern professional surfing. Experience the action, personalities, and evolution of surf culture. Co-produced by Shaun Tomson, directed by Jeremy Gosch, narrated by Edward Norton
Price: $38.00

Ultimate Sessions


Spanning nearly 5 decades, these are some of the greatest moments in surf movie history. Featuring highlights from: Morning of the Earth, Fluid Drive, Cosmic Children, Amazing Surf Stories, Ocean Fever, Free Ride, Searching for Curren, September Sessions.
Price: $33.00

One California Day


From the filmmakers who brought you Singlefin: yellow, DRIVE and Stylemasters, comes a story about surf culture and tradition. One California Day is a visual journey through six distinct coastal regions, capturing the California surfing experience through the surfers who live it. Shot in brilliant super 16mm color film, the movie examines the variety of subtle differences that make California so unique.
Price: $38.00

The Living Curl


By Jamie Budge. The film reads like a whos who of 60s surfing elite: Miki Dora, Johnny Fain, Dewey Weber, Lance Carson, Harold Iggy, Mike Doyle, Rusty Miller, John Peck, Rick Irons, Corky Carroll, Mickey Muoz, Mark Martinson , Denny Lennehan, Robert August, Mike Hynsen, Ron Sizemore and David Nuuhiwa .. plus dynamic young, up-and-coming talents like Jo Jo Perrin and Jackie Baxter. "The Living Curl is an awesome window into surfing history."Dave Sweet
Price: $22.00

Far Shore


"Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson are two surfers who defined surf travel in the early 1970's. They set off with a board each and rough maps, heading for the most remote possible places in West Africa and beyond, all for the quest of undiscovered surf spots. They felt the flow of travel, and they breathed in the air of the countries they visited, writing the odd mystical surf story for Surfer magazine, sending down the occasional alluring image of a wave breaking off a shipwreck, in front of a mile high sand dune, or at the bottom of a sheer cliff."- Craig Jarvis, Tracks magazine 2009 travel issue.
Price: $33.00